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Astrology School

Empower yourself to learn the ways of the stars so that you can comfortably read natal charts & draw your own intuitive conclusions about astrological events from a strong foundation of astrological wisdom. 

Bring the power of celestial wisdom into your stream of consciousness.


understand, define, and apply the following: 


week 1  -   Planets 

week 2 -   Planetary dignity

week 3 -   Significance of Sun & Moon

week 4 -   Signs

week 5 -   Houses

week 6 -   Ascendant, Sun, and Moon in the natal chart

week 7 -   The natal chart as a story of the native’s lifetime + past lifetimes

week 8 -   Aspects:  square, opposition, sextile, trine

week 9 -   Chart rulers & House rulers:  how to read them

week 10 -  North Node & South Node:  the points of fate, dharma and karma

week 11 -   Intellect & Love in the chart

week 12 -   Chart interpretation

week 13 -   Chart interpretation continued



In this 13-week program we will come together on a weekly basis in a Zoom video conference call to discuss in-depth the focus topic of each week. You will also receive 2 private one-on-one sessions with me to learn how to interpret your own chart and practice reading someone else's chart.

Classes will involve active learning opportunities and are MUCH MORE than lectures.

There will also be a WhatsApp group so that participants can stay in touch and take advantage of ongoing community support as the fascinating astrological revelations & reflections emerge throughout the program. 


The first step to enrolling in this program is booking a free consultation call with me.

Space is limited in the container, so do not delay! 

Registration closes

and the course will begin the week of 


~Weekly Group Zoom Sessions

~Two 1:1 Sessions

~Opportunities to practice chart reading

~Written and/or Video Modules for each week

~Community messaging thread

~Priceless wisdom and an entirely new & empowered perspective of the stars

to keep with you for life.

Sound Amazing? Yes!

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Meet Your Instructor!

Hi! I'm Tonia, I am an astrologer who loves the stars because I’m perpetually fixated by their intricate beauty and range of influence. Our lives are deeply informed and influenced by the planets, asteroids and more that constantly shift around our world as we know it... and that’s what I want to share with you as a fellow star gazer in any astrological conversation. 


My passion for astrology as an art and dare I say science, began over 10 years ago. Since then I’ve learned to be diverse in who and what you listen to when it comes to this vast body of knowledge! I can now say ancient Vedic, Hellenistic as well as modern western astrology actively and consistently influence my perceptions of the Heavens. Through combining these lenses we see multiple angles of celestial reality. My approach to the Stars is that of a perpetual student, because there is always so much more to learn. 


What I offer you is the foundations of what I’ve determined the core of astrology. If you want to be able to stand on your own and interpret a natal chart after 3 months, applying an informed and well rounded astrological approach, this is the course for you. Join us. 

Questions? Email me at wizdomdropz@gmail.com

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