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Wizdom Dropz 
Astrology School

Professional Development Program

A comprehensive year long program in astrological wisdom growing astrological wisdom, personal business and brand development.

Who is ready for this program?

You already have some astrology knowledge, yet hungry for more; understand all the components, but need to learn how to “PUT IT ALL TOGETHER”

You’re tired of surface level, fluffy astrology and ready to get serious about technique, accurate chart interpretation & economization.

Our approach to astrology is to focus on understanding the deeper, apparently “hidden” truths of this celestial artform and science. By grounding into its ancient roots we are able to contribute to the evolving perspectives without distorting its core integrity, if you vibe with this philosophy, you are in the right place.

You feel in your heart and soul that you are meant to share/utilize astrological reading abilities in your Soul's work on this planet.

  • You are ready to develop a brand voice for your astrology practice that will set you apart from the crowd 

    • Planetary archetype ID

    • Sellables & applications ID

    • Savvy cat client management & payment processing system

Sound like you? 

The Wizdom Dropz Astrology Professional Development Academy is a comprehensive program that will give you a thorough education in astrological interpretation and applied practice in the classroom and in the real world so that when you graduate the program you will be fully prepared to launch/grow a business that is unique to your gifts in astrological interpretation.

This program is facilitated by Tonia Andreina (Astrologer) and Treneti Brown (Creative Entrepreneurship Mentor)

The first nine months will be guided by Tonia, together you will explore and develop your wisdom, proficiency, and authentic voice as an astrologer.

9 months of Astrological Wisdom Development

Students will be able to…

  • read and interpret any astrology chart; natal, event or transit.

  • utilize astrological forecasting to cultivate harmonious rhythms between themselves and the stars. 

  • Feel like a celestial wizard.


“Wizdom Dropz Astrology School is a place where we come together to reflect on life, finding how every intricate detail down to your favorite activities, personal pleasures, and superpowers are all found in your natal chart. It’s like your celestial soul blueprint is left on the page, a beautiful arrangement of complexities, and we humans were left with the keys to reading it. Wizdom Dropz makes the natal chart come to life as students are introduced to the deeper and more fundamental meanings hidden in the astrologer’s tool chest, gems cloaked in terms like… Planets, Signs, Houses, Aspects, Node, and Aspect Configurations. Astrology School translates the Astro jargon into grounded, specific formulas and real-world applications. Students grow confidence and astrological agility as we tap into the root of core celestial concepts that *seem* complex through many different chart examples and iterations. 


Once you learn the natal chart you understand how the same skills you use to interpret that can be used to de-mystify more mundane astrological applications like date planning, forecasting, and more.” Tonia Andreina

The final three months will be guided by Treneti, together you will investigate and uncover your core brand values and business strategies.

3 months personalized business development: 

Students will be supported in…

  • setting up the back end of their astrology reading business including client management software, payment processing, and client agreements. 

  • Real-life practice magnetizing and working with their first clients; having a space to come and get feedback. 

  • Cultivating the brand voice of their astrology offerings.


You will develop a signature offering for your astrology business, decide what online platforms are best for you to spread your message, and magnetize clients based on your creative expression affinities. Treneti will outfit you will the most cost-effective platform options for CRM, transaction processing, website hosting, content creation, and more. You will be coached on integral client enrollment and client relationship maintenance strategies from the creation of written terms, agreements, and disclaimers to energetic boundaries and other healthy client relationship practices. Treneti’s gift is supporting people to set into full alignment with their true voice and creative potential. By the end of the 3 months, you will be fully clear on your brand voice, values, boundaries and have a business that is just as sexy on the back end as it is when marketed to the world. 


14 payments of $850


10k when you pay in full (Save $1,900 when you pay in full)

There are some partial scholarship positions available for those who truly qualify. 

In Depth Course Overview

Meet your Facilatators

tonia fern salt lamp.jpg

Greetings, Earthlings. My name is Tonia and I am called to astrology like a bee to their honey. At Wizdom Dropz you're guaranteed astrology from someone who loves the stars. I’m perpetually fixated by their intricate beauty and range of influence throughout everyday life and as a perpetual student it never fails to amaze me. Our lives are deeply informed and influenced by the planets, asteroids and beyond that constantly shift around our world as we know it... and that’s what I want to share with you as a fellow star gazer in any astrological conversation we may have. 

My passion for astrology as an art and dare I say part science, began over 10 years ago. Since then I’ve learned to be diverse in who and what you listen to when it comes to this vast body of knowledge! I can now say ancient Vedic, Hellenistic as well as modern western astrology techniques such as Evolutionary Astrology actively and consistently influence my perceptions of the Heavens. Through combining these lenses we see multiple angles of celestial reality that somehow find roots here in our lives. I believe when we grow awareness of these energetic influences we can learn how to work best with them for the benefit of our souls' growth and experience.

Book a Reading with Tonia

1hr Recorded Reading $335

1hr Live Reading $550


Treneti is a multi-disciplinary artist who harnesses the apex of her creative energy through The SOUND. As a self-taught musician, vocalist, bassist, producer, and lifelong professional dancer, Treneti is a prime example of creative limitlessness found with the proper convergence of trust in the unknown and dedication. Born and raised in inner-city Chicago, Treneti is heavily influenced by her Chicago-House roots. A true New Earth Renaissance woman, Treneti is a trailblazer in the new and evolutionary field of Regenerative Arts. She is the founder and CGO of Soulful Resonance an emerging Regenerative Arts Production Company and Primordial Sound Archives a Regenerative Arts Music Label. As an educator, Treneti mentors other rengerative artists to ground into their power, express their truth and embody holistic integral business practices with their creative offerings.

For music that nourishes visit:

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