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What I offer you in our Wizdom Dropz Astrology Academy are the foundations of what I’ve determined the core of astrology. If you want to be able to stand on your own and interpret a natal chart with confidence after 6 months, applying an informed and well rounded astrological approach, this is the course for you. Our program is nurturing, intentional and fosters an environment where learning is the byproduct of engaging in really interesting conversation and activities. As enjoyable as it may be, this program is only for people serious about taking their astrology skills to the next level and willing to commit to the journey. If you're sitting there saying "hey, that's me" welcome, join us, you are who we are here for.


The intention behind our program is to share in the wisdom of the heavens together, as we grow our astrological skill sets to better meet them. Students will learn how to interpret a basic natal chart (natal chart readings), as well as look to see the different ways natal charts read between the current transits of the heavens at any point in time (mundane astrology), and how to reach natal charts against each other (synastry readings).

About our Astrologer

Tonia Andreina


Greetings, Earthlings. My name is Tonia and I am called to astrology like a bee to their honey. At Wizdom Dropz you're guaranteed astrology from someone who loves the stars. I’m perpetually fixated by their intricate beauty and range of influence throughout everyday life and as a perpetual student it never fails to amaze me. Our lives are deeply informed and influenced by the planets, asteroids and beyond that constantly shift around our world as we know it... and that’s what I want to share with you as a fellow star gazer in any astrological conversation we may have. 


My passion for astrology as an art and dare I say part science, began over 10 years ago. Since then I’ve learned to be diverse in who and what you listen to when it comes to this vast body of knowledge! I can now say ancient Vedic, Hellenistic as well as modern western astrology techniques such as Evolutionary Astrology actively and consistently influence my perceptions of the Heavens. Through combining these lenses we see multiple angles of celestial reality that somehow find roots here in our lives. I believe when we grow awareness of these energetic influences we can learn how to work best with them for the benefit of our souls' growth and experience.

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Be there for IT because She is there for YOU! 

Our next enrollment cycle for the Wizdom Dropz Astrology School 

Begins Feb 11th, 2021

Questions? Email Tonia at wizdomdropz@gmail.com

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