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Weeks One-Three:

Theme: Making Space

The first three weeks we will spend our time focused on purification and rebuilding the foundation of how you connect to your mind, body and spirit through your voice. You will learn several foundational practices to open your voice, develop tonal resonance and understand the anatomy of how the voice works through movement practices that mirror it to you. You will also be guided through a deep inner work processing to uncover fears, false beliefs, and pivotal events of vocal dis-empowerment in your life to reclaim your power from those energies. We will discuss in the depth the connection between personal truth and vocal liberty.

Weeks Four-Six:

Theme: From Emotion to Melody

The second three weeks we will spend our time focused developing melody, pitch accuracy, sensation and soul within your vocal expression. We will discuss in great detail the differences and similarities in how emotion moves through the body in singing versus dancing. You will learn how to transform raw emotion into melodic expression. You will practice singing as a form of self-healing. You will learn how confidence is connected to pitch accuracy. You will practice listening and singing in tune. You will learn about harmony as more than just a musical practice but a way of being. You will also learn to appreciate the unique essence of your voice and strengthen your natural affinities.

Week Seven:

Theme: Connecting with the Muse

Week seven is a pinnacle in our process together. During this week we will tap into most mystical part of singing, developing a relationship with the muse. All things through all dimensions are made of sound. There are lyrics and melodies floating through the air, in your dreams, stored in plants, animals, and human interactions just waiting to be heard and channeled through song. In dance we pull through the physical embodiment of the muse, in MUSEk (music) we unlock the gates to inter-dimensional travel and create worlds. This week we will be focused on discovering how the muse speaks to you and developing your ability to listen and bring through the messages you receive.

Weeks Eight & Nine:

Theme: Rhythm, texture, musicality

Weeks eight and nine we will focus on developing rhythm, texture, dynamics, musicality and style. You will learn to translate the essence of your dance through your voice. We will discuss the difference between gross locomotive and fine locomotive movement. The importance of learning/having an instrument and how to choose your instrument.  

Weeks Ten & Eleven:

Theme: The Creation of Song

Weeks ten and eleven you will create a song. Time to put it all together! We will discuss song composition; verse, bridge, chorus, and mantra. As well as the relationship between intention, feeling and space in relation to the structure of the song. You will also learn the super power of non-attachment in the song writing process.

Week Twelve

Theme: Integration, Exploration, Presentation

Week 12 you will present your final song composition to the group. We will take a moment to look backwards and process the journey thus far. We will celebrate with gratitude the progress you’ve made and take a moment to listen for what is present for now. We will discuss possible pathways you can take to connect your growth and development musically. This week we crystallize the takeaways.

All Modules will Include:

Written Materials


Journal Questions

Video Tutorials

Plus a 2 hour weekly group session via Zoom Video Conference Call. A replay will be available if you miss a week.

Additional Bonuses

Each Registered Participant will receive one-on-one session with me included in the course

Sing A Long Vocal Training Audio’s: Practice singing scales, develop pitch accuracy and have music to improvise to without needing any instruments!

Quantum Healing Audio's in alignment with the Theme of Each Section of the Journey

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