enrolling one-on-one clients only for this work until March 2021

What you can expect:

You will learn:

~Powerful techniques to discover, clear and reprogram beliefs you have been carrying subconsciously around your voice

~Holistic practices to unlock your range and develop pitch and tone clarity

~Creative tools to explore your range and uncover unique sounds only your voice is able to make

You will develop:

~strength and clarity in your authentic truth

~ability to speak your truth even in challenging situations

~ability to channel lyrics, melodies and write songs at will

~deeper connection to the power of your words

~understanding of the power language and spell casting

You will leave the container with a more intimate connection to yourself, priceless knowledge and wisdom. Full song compositions and guidance on how to continue the music creation journey if you find interest in doing so. 

Space is limited in this course. To be considered for entry, schedule a free consultation call with me now. The upcoming section of this course begins in November of 2020

All Modules will Include:

Written Materials


Journal Questions

Video Tutorials

Plus a 2 hour weekly group session via Zoom Video Conference Call. A replay will be available if you miss a week.

Additional Bonuses

Each Registered Participant will receive one-on-one session with me included in the course

Sing A Long Vocal Training Audio’s: Practice singing scales, develop pitch accuracy and have music to improvise to without needing any instruments!

Even More Perks!

20min intake call

20min integration call

Private group social forum

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