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True Voice Embodiment

One-on-One Mentorship Program

"Once we take off everything that does not belong to us, the only thing left to be is ourselves." 

The True Voice Embodiment Program is for Beings looking to unlock their highest creative potential by accessing and strengthening their voice. In TVE we utilize techniques that heighten your ability to hear, truth-resonance, and emotion-melody within yourself and empower you to sing, speak, write and live from deepened knowledge of Self and fearless expression. 

Watch this video to learn more about who TVE is for and what you can expect while working with Treneti.

Serious inquiries only, this program is a 6month-1 year commitment. For more details on rates and session regularity options schedule a call with Treneti.

Program includes:

  • Weekly or Bi-weekly Virtual Meetings

  • Ongoing Communication between sessions via Voxer

  • Access to Treneti's Business Resource Vaults

  • Custom-tailored holistic voice training to meet your specific needs

  • Customized practices for development of intuitive intelligences

  • Access to Treneti's Music Production knowledge and training resources for those who desire this skill

  • Encrypted-Private goal and growth-strategy virtual co-workspace​

About Treneti

"I teach this work from embodied wisdom of lived experience. Nothing I offer is hypothetical." -Treneti

Believe it or not, unapologetic self-expression through my voice is something I struggled with for many years. For most of my life, the only forms of expression I found comfort and confidence in were those that allowed me to be silent. Such as dance and visual art. In my mid-twenties inability to express myself vocally became an acute crisis in my life causing me to tolerate situations that were detrimental to my health. As I awakened to the nature of this crisis I began to realize that many of the people around me were not "my people" and the things I was doing in my career were no longer filling me up and giving my life. I hit rock bottom with this energy right in time for my Saturn Return, a time when we receive our life lessons that initiate us into adulthood and our true path. The messages that came to me in the ceremony were that I was meant to sing and speak. This shocked me because I never intended on doing either of those things and I never trained in music. Yet, when my Soul calls I answer. So I began on my path of voice activation. I tried traditional paths of voice training but nothing worked for me. I had blockages my instructors could not understand. So I went inward and intuitively unlocked that pathway of healing and opening the voice by excavating trauma, reprogramming beliefs, and using my knowledge of The Dance and the subtle body to awaken my authentic singing voice in a holistic way. Soon after I began to rise into my power, I started magnetizing souls with a similar issue. That's when my journey as a voice embodiment mentor began. That was several years ago and since then I have helped countless beings unlock and awaken their true voice in song, business and daily self expression. 

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