for me,

Blessings and Welcome 

I am Treneti,

Generator of high vibrations for the purpose of inner alchemy, love, peace and prosperity for all. 

I know nothing.

I am a Bridge.

I heal nothing.

I make space and ample energy available for the master healer within you to do its work. 

Through the sacred art of sound I open these portals.

Sound Healing: Sound-scape, tonal, frequency based music that often weaves in mantras, and lyrical affirmations to create an environment for spiritual, physical, mental and emotional healing to occur. 

Sound Healer: One who holds the space and makes it safe for healing miracles to occur. One who transmits the healing frequencies through their healing instruments of choice  and the very essence of there Being. One who bridges realms and amplifies of universal truth. 

Through the art of sacred sound.

We can travel anywhere in the universe.

 We can accelerate the healing process

of all four pillars of our body.

We can reclaim our healing power and sovereignty.

We can face our deepest internal challenges. 

We can Be in Harmony with PEACE,

Full of EASE and GRACE.

We can liberate ourselves from Suffering. 

Om Tare Tutare Ture Soha

We can co-exist in a state of Compassion.

Om Mani Padme Hum



Sound Healing starting at $130/hr

Sound Healing + Somatic Meditation $250/ 2 hour session

*Sliding Scale available to those in need*

Custom Sonic Transmission MP3's

5 min Sound Healing $160

11 min Sound Healing $333

11 min Guided Meditation $222

20 min Guided Meditation $444

Longer from transmissions are available and will be priced and invoiced after a consultation call

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Treneti Brown graduated with a B.A. in dance-making from Columbia College Chicago in 2012. Deeply invested in the self healing capabilities of the human body, she went on to develop and teach somatic healing movement techniques throughout North and Central America, on her journey, Treneti began to explore the ways in which sound vibrations can accelerate the healing process of the body. This led her on to the path of sound healing. Treneti has shared her sound healing transmission, in large groups, ceremonies, performances and in private sessions with one on one clients throughout the country. She is deeply invested in the study and practice of Ancient Sanskrit Mantra and weaves in this wisdom into all of her sessions. Treneti is a powerful vocalist and bassist, tuning her instruments to the Earth’s resonance of 432hz she brings a unique expression of soulful resonance with the tonality of the acoustic electric bass and her voice. Along with bass and vocal Treneti works with additional high quality sound healing instruments such as authentic Indian Master Singing Bowls, Quartz Crystal Bowls, DNA Frequency Chimes, Tuning Forks and Native American Medicine Drums. Her sound healing is dynamic and eclectic, it brings forth echoes from the center of the Earth, the Ancestors and the cosmos above. She aims only to transmit the frequencies that serve the highest good of all Beings receiving the music. She is known for the potency and warming embrace her session provide for restorative subtle body healing.

Free from ill-lusion.

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