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Working with us

Our Project Advisors and Artists facilitate a comprehensive, authentic, and supportive environment to help you articulate your vision with ease and excitement. We are passionate about creating media that truly resonates and amplifies your brand voice.

How it Works 

End-to-End support from concept to final product

  1. Select a Service from our list above to see examples and explore our rate tiers.

  2. Follow the steps to book a call with one of our Project Advisors. The $20 call booking deposit is non-refundable but credited to your project rate. 

  3. In this meeting with our Project Advisor, you will receive a final quote and be matched with the best artist or team of artists to meet your needs. 

  4. Next, you will receive an invoice to submit a deposit for your project.

  5. Schedule your first design call with the Artist. Your Project Advisor oversees all communication between you and the Artist to ensure the project moves forward with ease, grace, and clarity for all Beings involved.  

  6. Enjoy the process! Samples of your work will be shared via view-only links via our encrypted file-sharing platform so you can communicate edits to the artist.

  7. Mission Complete! Once you approve the final draft. You will be invoiced for the remaining amount of your commission fee. 

  8. Finally, you receive high-resolution files directly via our encrypted file-sharing platform.  Now share your new media with the world!

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