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More about the TCE Workbook:

The TCE Workbook is a inner work processing tool to support you on the journey of opening, clearing and strengthening all aspects of your throat center. This includes sensing, feeling and expressing your authentic truth. Blockages in our throat affect our ability to express ourselves creatively, make decisions that are in alignment with our truth, assert healthy boundaries, manifest our highest truth and move through the world with confidence and clarity. This workbook is designed to be useful for you if you are just starting to do this work or have been on the path for a while and looking to go deeper, refine and feel supported in doing so. It will help you see and shift patterns in your reality that do not serve your highest good and it will help you create new pathways that do. The best part is that all the tools inside this workbook lead back to you, this empowering form of self help allows you to accelerate based on your commitment to yourself. What you put in energetically is what you will receive.

Throat Center Empowerment Workbook

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