Light Language, speaking in tongue, is the expression of the heart and soul. It is the bridge between our Eternal Self and Human Self. It transcends time and space and offers communication between all aspects of our Being. It allows us to connect directly to Spirit without interference from the logical mind. Light Language supports us in clearing old energies and fear-based thought patterns that are ready to be released and activates the Remembrance of who we really are. This amplification of truth empowers us to step into our Purpose as Sovereign Creators.

A light language activation will tune you into the languages of light that flow from your soul, ancestral and star nation families. This activation will clear blockages in energy field and bring strength and balance to the Throat Center. You will gain greater access to expressing your truth and dissolving all manifestations in your life that are not in alignment with your truth. This activation will bring more power into all your creations. It will enhance your ability to sense subtle energies around you and communicate with the conscious of the earth and all of her occupants.

We can focus on light language in the following forms:
Spoken word
Written word
Mudra Form (sacred sign language)

We can focus on:
Intention based prayer
Water alchemy
Plant communication
Star Nation communication
Ancestral Remembrance

Light Language Activation

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