Most of my offerings put the tools in your hands completely to learn how to activate the healing codes within your body on command. Sometimes we just need to drop into a space of receptivity and let our smart body work in collaboration with a practitioner to receive activations and alignments quickly. That is why I offer Attune Energy Calibration Sessions.


In a AEC session you will receive a series of energy body activations and upgrades through guided meditations, polarity therapy, GCT, quantum field healing, and light language to clarify, ground, harmonize and balance your energy body. This offering work well as a single session. For times when you are feeling really foggy and need to be snapped back to center. Or if you are experiencing any major life shift, or feeling compromised in your immunity this is a great way to revitalize.


I also offer this work in 3 session series for $999, to go deeper into actively healing or attuning a specific series of frequencies in your system. When we break the work apart into 3 sessions we can focus deeper into specific areas of activation for longer. See the Attune Energy calibration 3 pack in store for more details.

Attune Energy Calibrations

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