Allow me to hold the sacred space and guide you into the inner realms of your soul library. In this session you will be guided through a meditative process that will bring you into the inner realms of your conscious where you can access your Akashic Records also known as your Soul files.

You will be prompted to come with specific questions to bring into the record halls. Once inside you will be introduced to your inner guide who will reveal to you wisdom about your inquiry. This work can help reveal past life contracts, beliefs and patterns that have been holding you back. Together we can perform alchemy to move that energy harvesting the lessons and integrating them. These sessions can also be used to find clarity from within about challenging discussion you are faced with in your waking life. Inner Realm work is also a very useful tool for discovering the emotional and energetic root of chronic pain in the body, so that healing can begin to happen in all pillars of your Being.

This work is deep and requires your full commitment to your healing journey for it have the most potent effect. It is recommended that you book in advance, prepare questions for the record halls and spend time meditating on opening your heart before the session. Results vary based on your willingness to be open to the experience.

Inner Realm Work

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