In an AEC session you will receive a series of energy body activations and upgrades through guided meditations, polarity therapy, GCT, quantum field healing, and light language to clarify, ground, harmonize and balance your energy body. When you receive this work in a series of 3 sessions, we are able to get very specific and spend a longer length of time working on each system you are seeking support in vitalizing. This work is very good to snap back from mental fog or Soul purpose amnesia. It is also helpful to keep your energy systems, cellular health and immunity strong. If you are going through a process of release in your life or experiencing a great shift in consciousness or physical reality this work can help you maximize your growth and heighten the frequency of what you land into. This work can also be used for cord cutting, sealing energy leaks, dissolving energetic contracts that no longer serve you and reclaiming your power from situations and thought forms that no longer serve you.

Another reason to utilize this work is if you are shifting into alignment with your dreams, receiving the fruits of your labor and would like to receive energetic replenishment and vitality to keep the high frequencies flowing with ease.



(((3))) Attune Energy Calibrations

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