Brave Soul

You, a brave Soul

Blessed with a body

have been given a chance

to journey on planet EARTH.

When you slipped out the

womb of your mother

and landed in the basin of GAIA.

You forgot the reason why you came,

the world was hard, cold and cruel.

Full of goblins and trolls

trying to traumatize you and trap you in

the forgetting game.

YET, you were given a KEY

A secret code to remembering

nestled away in your DNA.

It rumbles inside you like an Earthquake

and erupts to the surface through

your passions, dreams, visions

sweet nectar's sent from within

to lead you back hOMe

the place where you BE ONG.

Living in alignment with these sacred KEYS can be like climbing a mountain, full of peaks, valleys and varying degrees.

In this world, many distracting entities will cast spells to lure you into a caves of illusion.

Climbing is not always easy it takes endurance, strength and discernment.

You will fall,

you will hurt yourself,

but if you are like me

you will GET BACK UP,

taking your lessons


and you will KEEP GOING

because of this,

you will never fail.

*ONG- Creative Consciousness

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