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Healing Arts practices that invigorates your inner sun.

Speak your truth.

 Sing your truth.

Actualize your dreams. 

Reclaim your Souls flame. 

Hi, I am Treneti. I am a healing arts practitioner and master of ceremonies. My practice is centralized in tapping my clients into a deep connection the intuitive wisdom dwells within. I specialize in working with Souls who are ready to unlock the power of their voice as a tool for healing and activation in both speech and song. I also work with rising and active artists who are ready to take it to the next level and actualize their visions in a way that embodies self-worth, integrity and creative sustainability. As a master of ceremonies I facilitate heart medicine journey spaces with sacred plants and am register minster available for weddings and funerals. Explore more in depth descriptions of my offerings below and schedule a consultation call to find the service package and pricing that works best for you, 

Healing Voice

Video Call (Worldwide)

Single session:




Session prices varies based on regularity.

In Healing Voice sessions we focus on developing your authentic singing voice. You will have the opportunity to work through energetic blockages that are causing you to feel "stuck", "afraid", or "too choked up" to sing. You will learn techniques to turn your entire body into a resonator of sound. You will learn how to unlock the overtone register of your voice. You will receive guidance in developing your ability to channel lyrics, mantras, and light language in your song. You will learn how to direct energy to serve a specific alchemical purpose as you sing. Song writing guidance can be added to these sessions if desired.

Authentic Expression

Video Call (Worldwide)

Single session:




Session prices varies based on regularity.

In Authentic Expression sessions we work specifically on clearing any blockages running in your system that are preventing you from feeling empowered to express your truth authentically through your words & actions in every aspect of your life.


We focus on reprogramming your language to reprogram your mind. We dive into uncovering subconscious beliefs that are running in your system that hold you back from feeling your most powerful self. We focus on developing clarity & strength in your intuitive wisdom and ability to express it gracefully in your life. You will learn practices to strengthen your voice, intuition, will power, and sense of safety within your vessel. 

Inner Realm Work

Video Call (Worldwide)

Single session:




Session prices varies based on regularity.

In an Inner Realm Work session we will journey into your inner temple to explore the space of your Akashic Records and Guides to harvest answers & insights on questions or challenges you have been facing in your waking life. I use a meditation technique that drops you into an Alpha / Theta brainwave straddle so you can consciously journey in this space with me as an anchor-point and guide while you commune in your record halls, speaking directly with your guides. This form of inner-work processing is particularly powerful because it puts the power into your hands and allows the answers you seek to come to you directly. With continued work in this practice, you can develop and strengthen your intuitive medium-ship and ability to receive the channel that is most pure and harmonic with you because it IS you. 

Attune Energy Calibrations

Video Call (Worldwide)

Single session:



Inquire about a

3 session package option

In an AEC session you will receive a series of energy body activations and upgrades through guided meditations, polarity therapy, GCT (Geometric Configuration Technique), quantum field healing, and light language to clarify, ground, harmonize & balance your energy body.

This offering works well as a single session. It is a great way to revitalize during times when you are feeling really foggy and need to be snapped back to center, or if you are experiencing any major life shift, or you're feeling compromised in your immunity.

When you receive this work in a series of 3 sessions, we are able to get very specific and spend a longer length of time working on each system that you desire to vitalize. This work is very potent to snap back from mental fog or soul-purpose amnesia. It is also helpful to keep your energy systems, cellular health, and immunity strong. If you are going through a process of release in your life, or experiencing a great shift in consciousness or physical reality, this work can help you maximize your growth and heighten the frequency of what you land into. This work can also be used for cord cutting, sealing energy leaks, dissolving energetic contracts that no longer serve you, and reclaiming your power from situations and thought forms that no longer serve you. 

Another reason to utilize this work is if you are shifting into alignment with your dreams, receiving the fruits of your labor, and would like to receive energetic replenishment and vitality to keep the high frequencies flowing with ease. 

Dream Actualization

Artist Consultation 

Video Call (Worldwide)


In Dream Actualization Consultation sessions, you the Artist, are fully supported in developing your current creative vision or career goal by having me present with you as an accountability buddy and to give advice on what actions you can take to bring your dreams into reality. We can focus on the presentation and packaging of your offering (website development & social strategies), workflow & resistances, self-worth and clarity in how to articulate your offering. How to develop realistic rates for your services that you will feel good about and will actually allow you to live a sustainable life. If you are ready to take your creativity to the next level I can help. The time is now. 

Private Cacao Ceremony

In Person (PDX) I can travel to facilitate price will change to include travel, housing and meal accommodations.

Session is 3-4 hours long


Allow me to hold space for you to journey deep into your heart. With the sacred spirit of cacao, healing music, intuitive energy work, somatic movement and verbal processing we unlock gates of your heart. This ceremonial space offers you the opportunity to explore your subtle body energy, release things that no longer serve you and receive visions of clarity and reassurance, rest and held while developing a deeper connection to your intuitive gifts through the power of opening and strengthening your heart space. You can book a private session to do solo journey work, partner work or to dive in with an intentional group of friends or family. 

Healing Sound Intuitive Transmissions

In Person (PDX)

Video Call (Worldwide)

Session In person $375 for 90mins 

Mp3 $475 for 11-20min transmission 

Sometimes we just need to receive. With a Healing Sound Intuitive Transmission I tap into your energy field and channel specific frequencies, mantras, light language and melodies that are aligned to nourish your mind, body and soul. We can focus on specific intentions such as purification, grounding, or replenishment to name a few. .When I send you a transmission via mp3 it is designed to be listen to in headphones, for the full effect. For all sessions we start with a consultation where we go over your intentions and energetic consents on what you would like to receive. 

Master of Ceremonies

In Person worldwide. 

Rates discussed on a case by case basis. 

It is my upmost and gentle honor to be the sacred space supporter of your ceremonial occasion. Sacred events deserve special attention, intention and powerful activation language. I am here to co-create that with you. When you chose me to be the voice of your wedding or funeral I will work with you months in advance to inner-stand your belief system and ceremonial desires to create the best possible experience for you and your loved ones. We can integrate water ceremonies, fire rituals and/or vibrational attunements if desired. Schedule a consultation call with me today so we can discuss the possibilities more in depth,




"Working with Treneti has been one of the most profound experiences of my life. When I first stumbled upon one of her videos on Instagram, I knew in my heart and soul I needed to work with her. Our stories had so many parallels, yet in my eyes, I saw the embodiment of expressive freedom I wanted so deeply to have myself. I was buzzing with excitement, and also fear. Investing in myself usually begins with a leap of faith that feels totally aligned..and uncomfortable, but I was certain this was my next step. 


Throughout the 11 weeks, I opened up more and more. I was able to break free of the final pieces of my being that were holding me back from living in my fullest expression. Treneti taught me tools and techniques that opened me up to the true magic of sharing my voice and embodying my calling as a sound healer. I experienced pain leave my body through working with my very own Light Language. I witnessed my sore throat become nearly completely healed within 20 minutes of singing together on one of our calls. She pushed me in the most compassionate way to further embark on the journey of unleashing this precious and powerful gift. 


I am so grateful for Treneti’s potent guidance & mentor-ship. I now feel completely equipped to continue on this journey of remembering my own unique expression, of connecting to the power of my voice and in sharing it with others, because it is what my soul is here to do. 


Thank you, Treneti!" 




Treneti is an intuitive musician, creating sonic emanations that heal the mind and nourish the soul. With her ensemble she creates sophisticated drum & bass forward music. Her sound is a blend of  Avant Garde Jazz/Soul music with world and gospel influences. 

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