Heart Alchemy Restival

October 12th, 2019



Chakra Blossom Sanctuary

Hosted in loving resonance by Treneti & Dante Starshine

An event for letting your heart open naturally with activating plant medicines, music, and community. This day long container will be a journey in allowing our hearts to connect and open, with periods of coming together and sharing heart medicine, creativity, and healing practices, and periods of restoration, rejuvenation and contemplation in the luxury of Chakra Blossom. This restorative space features an infra-red sauna, rejuvenating bath, jacuzzi, and beautiful natural surroundings.This Heart Alchemy Restival will activate and nourish body, heart, mind, and spirit physically and energetically. 


We are holding this portal in alignment with the October Full Moon which is the perfect time to come together and be in community for the purpose of rest and re-calibration. We have experienced so much excitement, hard-work and evolution this summer, now it is time to come together to nourish the body, integrate the wisdom we’ve obtained and allow our spirits to set us up for a graceful transition into the spirit of fall. 

Heart Medicine


The plant medicine we use in this space will support our intentions in opening up more of our own creativity, and our connection to Spirit, to ourselves and to each other. As our center of love and emotion, our heart is the alchemical balance point that is the greatest key in expanding spiritually and healing our old wounds at this time. This space will create a field of love, joy, and togetherness, allowing every heart to find its own melody within the symphony we will all weave together. We all carry medicine in our hearts, and through working with plant teachers and facilitating creative expression, this will be a space for each soul to discover more of their heart medicine.

We will intentionally share from our own hearts and create a temporary community based on trust and love; as heart medicine opens within us, we will discover more of ourselves and our potential to unite through love. We will play with heart-connective processes and meditations to open the space and create the field of trust and love, creating the space for all hearts who join to connect with one and other.

The Body Restoration

Throughout the experience you will have free time to allow yourself to wander and contemplate while restoring your body with the special amenities this space provides including:

~InfraRed Sauna

~Private Baths


~Plenty of soft spaces for snuggles, naps, and vision quest

~Open Intuitive movement space

~Natural space to connect with the elements including a creek and meadow, and Buddha & Kwan Yin meditation gardens


The Music


All the music played throughout the journey will be attuned to the natural frequencies of the earth along with other healing frequencies that activate the DNA, re-calibrate the cellular system, and align the heart, mind and body. The music is designed to cradle you throughout your journey, provide you with sonic space to rest, move, and vision quest with the guidance of the plant spirits and your own inner knowing. 

The Creative Expansion Tools

Cacao and heart medicine facilitates creative expression, and together we will allow ourselves to surrender to the flow state so that we can discover ourselves through our expression. We will play with:

~Visual Art; We will begin our journey allowing our creativity to express onto the page with colored pencils; we will learn a special brain balancing technique as we draw!

~Vocal Toning Practices; Our voice has the power to purify our vessel and aid in our manifestations; we will share a sacred practice in opening our voice and using it as a healing tool. This is a practice you can take with you and use regularly to clear your chakras, as a manifestation prayer, and to bring lightness, levity, and balance to self and community throughout the day.

~Subtle Body movement awareness; you will be guided through simple yet profound movement sequences to activate deeper levels of awareness of your own energy centers, and your own ability to balance and re-energize through your dance


Channeling and Intuitive Expansion

We will structure the experience and create a space for your own heart/intuition to flourish and bring you the answers and inner knowing needed for the next step of your journey. Throughout the experience we will act as mirrors and love anchors for you to find that knowing in your heart. Together we will invoke our guides and guardians and support you in making deeper contact with them on astral/spiritual planes. As the journey comes to a close, there will be a transmission from the Pleiadian Council. These higher beings of love are guides to our world, and Dante acts as a channel for them and translates their message. You will be able to ask questions and receive inspiring and love-based wisdom. 


The Nourishment

Fresh Organic Snacks will be available all day long and after the closing transmission we will come together to enjoy a nourishing organic vegan gluten free dinner.

We are holding space for 12 Beings

Registration is $235 per person

$400 for couples

For payment plan options contact trenetibrown@gmail.com

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