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Energy healing in the form of a song-

so that you may receive powerful, regenerative frequencies designed with your essence in mind. Whenever you want to tune in, your custom healing.wav is there for you. 

This offering has been years in the making! Since I started on my path of music production, studying sound healing, frequency- and merging it all with my deep relationship to subtle body energy work + prayer work- I have dreamed of being able to create custom waveforms of healing energy to share with people through song.


I am infinitely blessed and grateful that everything has aligned in my toolkit & knowledge bank to be able to provide this offering to you now. Below you will some powerful examples of healing.wavs I have created. 



What is the process?


To have a custom Healing.wav created for you, first you must book a Healing.wav Discovery Session. In this 1-hour session you will be guided through a series of questions that will help us uncover what the best intentions and healing frequencies are for your unique song.


Once we understand the energies that want to be emanated in the creation, we then discuss the style of the song. Some of the options you can choose from include pure tonal frequencies, ambient soundscape, vocal tracks, spoken affirmation, light language prayer, animal and/or nature sounds. You can even request it to be an upbeat dance music anthem! The quote for the composition is decided based on the complexity of elements you choose to have included in the song. The $100 booking fee for the Healing.wav Discovery Session is a deposit towards your creation and secures your place on my creation roster. The turn around time on the average custom composition can range from 3 days to 2 weeks, depending on the complexity of the song.  This timeline can be defined within the Discovery Session. Click the button below now to schedule a session with me and begin your Healing.wav song creation journey... 


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