Geometric Configuration Technique

  A philosophical playground movement, sound and embodiment.   ~

verb. the dance of arranging personal elements in particular combinations and forms while relating to the Earth's measure.

Who is the Dance?

"The dance is everything and everywhere. It is always occurring even in our stillness. To think of the dance as merely the action that occurs when we flail our limbs around to music is to understate its potential to teach the art of Being in a body. The dance is embodiment. For this reason the dance is not able to completely be expressed without access to all our vessels God Given embodiment tools. The Mind. The Breath. The Voice. The Body. When well nurtured, exercised and aligned these tools allow space for our Soul to truly sit at the throne in our vessels. " (~excerpt from the GCT book by Treneti)

Opportunities to play in GCT will not be available until 2021. Thanks for you patience 

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