Geometric Configuration Technique

GCT is a psychic awareness & energy healing technique that utilizes the principles of sacred geometry,  numerology, sound and movement to develop a deeper connection to the multi-dimensional nature of reality.  This technique helps to develop and strengthen your auric field with awareness and solidarity over how your energy interacts with any space you enter. This technique can help you unlock the codes for soul embodiment and much more. 

Some primary elements:

Light Language: the art of speaking in tongues

Subtle Body Energy Work: the art of multi-dimensional feeling & quantum actualization

Breath: the gift of life-force

Principle Pathways: the building blocks of all form

Numerology: The codes of understanding

Sound & Dance: the art of embodied expression through the physical body.

Light Language: the art of speaking in tongues


As we know everything is made of light and sound. Light and sound are made of vibration and Sacred Geometry is the thread that holds the vibrations we perceive as physical in their form. Therefore, this is where we look in the GCT practice for guidance and reflection, as we play and explore our potential as manifesting, redirecting, crystallizing, transmitters of energy. We use the 6 Principle Pathways of Sacred Geometry as our alchemical tools for transformation.









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I am currently only sharing this material in one-on-one sessions with the primary focus being the psychic awareness and energy work development aspects of the technique.

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