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Geometric Configuration - verb:

The Dance arranging elements of One's Self through movement, toning, and subtle body awareness in relationship with the Earth's measure.

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Temple of
The Dance

Enter The Dance with Treneti for a 6 months of transformational experiences using the art of moving light to deepen your embodied expression of cosmic bliss.

Next enrollment cycle will open soon.

Program Includes:

  • Bi-Weekly (twice a month) Live Virtual Dance Dojo Sessions (2.5hrs to practice and process together)

Video Content:

  • Pre-Recorded Videos that breakdown the foundational principles of the technique

  • Weekly Dance Challenges to deepen your exploration of the pathways

Sonic Content:

  • Move: Original dance journey music compositions released every month

  • Meditate: Guided contemplation points to stimulate deeper introspection

  • Sing-a-long: New Medicine Songs released every month so we can weave sound waves through the ethos together!

Add On GCT Temple Activation Starter Kit for one time payment of $187

Kit includes:

  • Sun Moon Rose Elixir (Highest Grade Spagyric Tincture of Rose, Oil of Gold & Oil of Silver

  • 1 lb of High Grade Ceremonial Cacao from Origin Trees in Guatemala

  • 1 Jar of Youthful Renewal Bath Blend (Treneti’s special blend for radiance and detoxification)

  • Bliss Kitty Tea (Treneti’s special herbal tea blend to stimulate body euphoria)

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GCT is Embodiment
Through Vibrational Alchemy

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GCT utilizing the 6 principle pathways of creation to focus and deepen our awareness of our subtle body energy in relationship to the energetic fields of existence. In this 6 month program we will utilize the technique as a tool and means of philosophical communication to cultivate embodiment of high vibrational energy. GCT allows us to feel, transform and integrate the energies available to us as we embark on this journey of continual incarnated rebirth. Some of the main self mastery tools we will be focused on cultivating with the technique are:

  • Self Healing and Activation through song, dance and contemplation

  • Vibrational realignment

  • Embodiment of Authentic Soul Aspects

  • Clearing of Ancestral Trauma

  • Elevation of Bliss Tolerance

  • Vision Actualization by using subtle body energetics to develop mental clarity and focus

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Nourish Thy Temple

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Geometric Configuration Technique