Subtle Body and The Voice

This is a 12 week program begins the week of October 16th, 2020


Harmonize consciousness from within...

This special course is a community space intentionally beginning created to support you through the extreme and shifting energies that will occur throughout the fall and winter of 2020. There are many things happening in the world that we cannot control but the way we align, harmonize and activate our own frequencies to balance and elevate our experience in the world is something we can control. I have found that the voice is one of the most powerful tools to heal and engage the subtle body and shift the mind into progressive states of consciousness. Join us in this powerful and held group container to discover and strengthen your ability to be a conduit of healing with your voice. 

Harness the art of vibrational healing through the power of your voice. In this program you will discover techniques to listen deeply to your body so that you can confidently receive the wisdom, messages and memory stored within your cells. You will learn how to clear energies, integrate deep truths, and articulate specific energy signatures through tone, story, the spoken word and creation of song. 

Within this container, you will be fully supported in becoming the centered, aligned beacon of sonic healing you know you are capable of Being with no need for any additional instruments beyond the God given gift of your voice and body temple. 

To register schedule a free consultation call with me. 


~Weekly Modules with Written, Video and Audio learning materials

~Weekly Group Video Conferences (Scheduled based on the groups collective availability)

~Members only forum and group messaging thread for community shares, collective celebrations and in between session support

~Priceless access to the most potent essence of your voice and clear integrated understand of how to use it within your life.



Have questions? or Interested in opportunities for one on one support? 

This is an inclusive container. If you a person with a heartbeat looking to expand your connection to the power and sacred nature of your voice, you are welcome here. ~Love Treneti

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