Digital Visual Curriculum Vitae

Creating art has been next to breathing in my existence. My earliest artistic endeavors started at 11 years old, choreographing and dancing in a company called Creative Soul ENT. In Chicago Il. In my adult artistic life I have been fortunate enough to have video footage of most of my creative projects. Below you will find a collection of videos showing the major landmarks (that I was able to find footage of) of the works of my life. Although there has been immense growth and evolution of form within my art the central through line of my work from 2010 to now has been to reflect on human consciousness from whatever vantage point I am currently standing and to create inspiration, empowerment and community in engagement.

The works you will see in my CV are form different phases of my life:

Early works as a choreographer

Works as the Artistic Director of Subconscious Development Motion Project

Works as a transformation art festival producer, workshop facilitator and performer

Works as a retreat curator 

Work as a film director and choreographer

and finally landing in my current integrated state as a visionary artist whose primary focus is regenerative music, dance and experiential art. 

Throughout the years I have created work under several avatars

Brittany L. Brown

Subconscious Development Motion Project

Bee Inspiral

Inspiral Dance


The changing of my names has mirrored the evolution of my consciousness and the level connectivity with the true nature of my soul.