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About Us

Soulful Resonance is an ecosystem of artists, educators, producers, and consultants that work harmoniously to produce high-level regenerative arts, education, and entertainment services. We value the beauty way and are dedicated to delivering quality, high vibrational creative content and supporting the development of innovative regenerative artists for generations to come.


We represent artists who display a potent ability to foster movements with their voices, that nourish the human mind, body, and spirit. Our creators produce messages that illuminate the voice of Mother Earth and encourage evolution through introspection. Our expressions educate and provoke a ripple effect of authentic, inspired action across our global community.

The unifying principle for our arts, education, and entertainment services is to provide media, products, and experiences that nourish and elevate the people we reach. We believe that the deep focus on healing as a movement on the planet is a necessary phase to get to a place where the species is primarily focused on staying well and increasing vitality. Soulful Resonance is committed to fueling this shift through our work.

Our Core Artists & Educators

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Why we create

We are dedicated to shining a light on the stories of the under-represented. We are devoted to delivering powerful, entertaining media that is free from corruption and here solely to inspire, educate, pass down wisdom and moral values, and create space for an evolution of consciousness, self-healing & introspection, and empowerment in humanity for generations to come.


The entertainment and media industry is saturated with propaganda, corruption, and a huge monopoly of whiteness. We intend on creating media that centers on people of all races, abilities, health, and social statuses as the protagonists and heroes. We feel every child should have a role model that looks like them. We are also passionate about rewriting the narrative around the representation of disabled people to properly depict the dynamic range of experiences in a respectful manner. Our core creators are all unique and real people who have survived difficult life adversities and come out resilient, strong, and humbled by the human experience. This heart space of a life well-lived is what we bring to our co-creation. Through our productions, we will liberate voices and shift the narrative.

Our Latest Creation

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Treneti Brown

Chief Growth Officer
Director of Sound
Visionary Art Midwife

Treneti is a multi-disciplinary artist who harnesses the apex of her creative energy through The SOUND. As a self-taught musician, vocalist, bassist, producer, and lifelong professional dancer, Treneti is a prime example of creative limitlessness found with the proper convergence of trust in the unknown and dedication. Born and raised in inner-city Chicago, Treneti is heavily influenced by her Chicago-House roots. A true New Earth Renaissance woman, Treneti is a trailblazer in the new and evolutionary field of Regenerative Arts. She is the founder and CGO of Soulful Resonance an emerging Regenerative Arts Production Company and Primordial Sound Archives a Regenerative Arts Music Label. As an educator, Treneti mentors other rengerative artists to ground into their power, express their truth and embody holistic integral business practices with their creative offerings.

For music that nourishes visit:

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Hanna Snape

Chief Animator
Director of Animation


Hanna (Tree) Snape is the Chief Animator and Director of Animation at Soulful Resonance; she is a multi-faceted artist with over a decade of experience in traditional art mediums and design, with a consistently expanding digital skill-set. She currently specializes in 3D modeling and regularly advances her palette of skills, which includes: VFX, animation, concept design, character creation, video editing, and more. As a disabled individual, shadow-worker, and self-healer, Hanna creates from a place of intuition and empathy. Creating media that serves to provide a fantastical escape spread important resources and connect people with their authentic selves to guide their inner healing is Hanna’s main ambition for the future.

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Israel Medrano

Director of Cinema
Project Advisor


Israel Medrano is a gifted videographer artist based out of the Pacific Northwest. It is his intention to contribute to the creative movement by sharing his artistic vision across the world. His work has been featured in various art publications and has won numerous awards. Israel earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Video Production and Filmmaking at the Art Institute of Seattle.


Israel's Art has been featured in Tumbleweird Magazine - Art Reveal Magazine - University of Washington's Clamor Art Journal - Yours Truly Art Journal, Larson Gallery, Gypsy Vibes Events, Black Orb Entertainment - Gypsy Vibe Events - Bonsai Events, Drew Boy Film Festival, and other various film festivals in the USA

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Mélissande Monette

Director of Visual Art
Lead Concept Artist


Mélissande is a multi-disciplinary ambidextrous artist from Quebec. She is fascinated by the exploration of many mediums from airbrush to felt-tip pens, stage design, flow arts, and cinema, but she is particularly fond of tattooing and digital art. She creates colorful art where sacred geometry, the animal kingdom, and the human experience dance in a conscious symbiosis.

Mélissande started her studies in theatre but left in 2011 for Péru on a 5-month humanitarian trip. This travel changed her perception of life and death. In 2014 she left Montreal for another journey, this time 4 years. On this journey, she met Jason Pugh, an international stage designer for Global Village. Jason took her under his wing and over the years, they have worked together on many projects. It's on the side of the road, thumbs up, that she has filled her backpack with inspiration and visions. Her time in Guatemala, the people that she met, the cultures, and the traditional medicine she encountered all played an integral part in what her visionary art has become.

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Abbey Denlinger

Chief of Graphic Design
Director of Fine Art

Abbey Denlinger (Abbey Aura) is a self-taught artist, who enjoys pouring her creative energy into multiple art forms including graphic design, digital art, and traditional painting. Abbey received her degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois (Champaign-Urbana) in 2012. She worked as a graphic designer for several years before she fell in love with live painting in 2013. She currently works as both a designer and a live artist, and has traveled around the country performing and showing her work. Her background in architecture led to a fascination with geometry, and the structure of the physical world that surrounds us, and it often comes through in her artwork. Abbey's work is created by connecting rhythmic structure with uninhibited, playful experimentation. Using natural forms and geometric patterns, she creates artwork that resonates with the viewer not only visually, but also spiritually. She uses the creative process as an opportunity for meditation, and reflects these journeys through a visual depiction. An alchemical process of weaving together worldly and ethereal subject matter, her creative process is a gateway to inner realizations towards positive transformation.

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Keema Giesselmann

Chief Technical Writer
Visionary Concept Advisor

Keema Cooper Giesselmann, Ph.D. has a background as an educator, holistic health specialist, caregiver, and team player. Being versatile in education, she enjoys editing (books, articles, websites, manuscripts, etc.), writing/blogging, implementing curriculum development for online courses, and doing simple website development. She has been an intuitive caregiver for over 15 years helping people to cope with and/or recover from health crises, and assisting with end-of-life issues to transition from this physical plane.


Her work as a practitioner of Complementary and Alternative Medicine for over 2 decades allows her to serve communities doing energy medicine, mind/body practices, & vibrational sound healing (what she calls KeemaTherapy). Along with doing integrative medicine at hospitals for children and adults, she has done other spirit-guided practices locally and remotely for people around the globe while living on O`ahu in Hawai`i. Keema is passionate about following divine guidance on her path as a change agent for greater universal consciousness and mindfulness.

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