True Voice Embodiment Mentorship Program 

Unlock the power of your voice through one on one guidance with Treneti.

In the True Voice Embodiment mentorship program you will discover & anchor your voice from a space of authenticity and integrity. In order to be fully embodied, we must have full access to the God-given gift of our voices.


I specialize in helping aspiring vocalists, songwriters, artistic entrepreneurs, and healing arts practitioners who are seeking expansion and are ready to move through the fear, resistance, and blockages that can live within the voice and hold one back from truly aligning with excellence. While working with me, you will have access to tools that will create profound shifts and activation not only within your creative passion but in your life as a whole. My approach is inclusive of your big-picture healing.


As within so without, as above so below.


Together we will cultivate your voice to be full of integrity and true confidence, so there is complete harmony between what you express and who you really are.


This experience is powerfully transformative. In your authentic voice lives your innate gifts and unique contributions to the collective living legacy. Work with me and you will unlock your true voice.

There are three program options available:

  • Holistic Voice-- This program is for aspiring singers and dancers seeking to understand their voice as a part of their instrument, or any other being committed to learning how to use their voice as a tool for healing. The Holistic Voice program is offered in a 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year commitment.

  • Integral Entrepreneurship-- This program is for the blossoming artist, holistic arts practitioners, and holistic business owners looking to develop their ability to harness their voice from a space of truth and integrity in every aspect of their life so that it naturally reflects inside their business. In this track you are also given key tools, resources, and guidance to launch your creative offering or service to the world in a way that will quickly bring income and grow a loyal organic following. The Integral Entrepreneurship program is offered in a 3 month, 6 month, or 1 year commitment.

  • Hybrid-- This program allows you to develop your voice and your business. See above descriptions for reference. The Hybrid track option is only available as a 1 year program. In specific cases, 6 months can be offered.


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"I recently finished an 11-session Vocal Empowerment series with Treneti--and wow, it was just what I needed! For most of my life I have wanted to explore my voice but have felt blocked and plagued by self-doubt. I came out of our work together feeling empowered and freer to express myself than ever. This vocal empowerment work spilled over into other areas of my life--increased confidence in my expression benefited all of my personal and professional relationships. 

Treneti herself is fiercely down to earth, compassionate, playful, REAL, and comes to each session with integrity. Her healing presence is powerful and I felt safe being vulnerable when emotions inevitably came out during some sessions. She met me where I was at each day and approached each session intuitively based on my wants and needs in that moment. I appreciated this approach, as it felt very organic and allowed the Vocal Empowerment work to fit my life circumstances.

What I appreciate the most about Treneti’s work is how many tools she shares. I walked away from each session with so many new tools in the form of breath-work, chakra toning, visual meditation, and so much more. Now when I am feeling stuck or blocked, I have so many techniques at my disposal to get my energy moving again. Isn’t that the definition of empowerment?! Thanks T, for all your wisdom and support <3"

— Nora L.  Portland Oregon

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