Regeneration as philosophy for arts, education and entertainment.

Soulful Resonance operates with deep roots in the awareness that everything is interconnected through the waters and mycelial networks of the Earth. The human body, being primarily made of water, is a living receptor & transmitter of frequency. The central principal for our arts, education, and entertainment offerings are to provide content, products, and experiences that nourish & elevate the people we engage so that effect can be widely felt and received.

We believe that the focused attention to healing our Selves & our Mother Earth as a movement is a necessary phase for our planet to reach a place where all human BEings are primarily focused on staying well & increasing vitality. Soulful Resonance is committed to fueling this planetary shift through our meaningful healing work.

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stay full on Soul nourishment...



"I recently finished an 11-session Vocal Empowerment series with Treneti--and wow, it was just what I needed! For most of my life I have wanted to explore my voice but have felt blocked and plagued by self-doubt. I came out of our work together feeling empowered and freer to express myself than ever. This vocal empowerment work spilled over into other areas of my life--increased confidence in my expression benefited all of my personal and professional relationships. 

Treneti herself is fiercely down to earth, compassionate, playful, REAL, and comes to each session with integrity. Her healing presence is powerful and I felt safe being vulnerable when emotions inevitably came out during some sessions. She met me where I was at each day and approached each session intuitively based on my wants and needs in that moment. I appreciated this approach, as it felt very organic and allowed the Vocal Empowerment work to fit my life circumstances.

What I appreciate the most about Treneti’s work is how many tools she shares. I walked away from each session with so many new tools in the form of breath-work, chakra toning, visual meditation, and so much more. Now when I am feeling stuck or blocked, I have so many techniques at my disposal to get my energy moving again. Isn’t that the definition of empowerment?! Thanks T, for all your wisdom and support <3"

— Nora L.  Portland Oregon


Treneti Brown

Founder, Lead Visionary Artist & CEO

As a native to the inner-city, low-income culture of Chicago, IL, and with deep roots as a lifelong artist in multiple dynamics and expressions, Treneti- Visionary Artist & Soulful Resonance CEO- knows what it's like to take on the endeavor of bringing forth impactful artistic visions with little-to-no-support. 


Treneti created Soulful Resonance to be a mother tree of support for professional and developing artists alike who hold the vision of a more balanced & sustainable world at the central point of their artistic offerings.


Through our education & artistry development programs, participants are able to strengthen their intuitive intelligence and inner-standing of the core liberal art practice of focus + earth science philosophies. Through our entertainment and product-based offerings we provide meaningful music, videos, and products that inspire & nourish the whole being--

mind / body / spirit.